Celebrate 30 years of HK with 50% off design consultancy


HK Projects is celebrating 30 years of project design in the hospitality industry. To recognise this milestone in the company’s history, we are offering an amazing one time only discount.

For 30 days only, starting today, HK will be offering a huge 50% discount on our design consultations. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate with us and save!

It’s never been a better time to review your commercial catering redesign options. From consultation and design, through to unique 3D visualisations, equipment procurement to installation management, our aim is to listen, advise, suggest and support.

HK will provide a consultation offering options of flexibility and functionality, minor modifications to complete redesign, working with you to find the best solutions for your kitchen.

Our Design Consultants will consider your menu and cuisine, the volume of product, intended staffing levels and size of your facility to provide an accurate consultation.

To enquire about this discount or anything else related to Design Consultancy, Procurement, Tender Management, Installation, Project Management and Asset Management. Please contact HK Projects on 0114 299 5290.