Skills for Chefs conference


Each year, HK Projects shows its support for the Skills for Chefs conference, an event which is designed for professionals in the culinary industry.

The conference takes place every year in our home city of Sheffield and aims to showcase the talents of leading chefs. Attendees are also able to share skills and knowledge while spotlighting topical issues that affect chefs.

HK was thrilled to be a Silver Partner of 2019’s Skills for Chefs. This year’s event was hosted at The Sheffield City College on July 10th and 11th and welcomed talented chefs like Daniel Clifford, Tom Aikens, and Clare Smyth MBE.

The second day of the conference was filled with presentations, cooking demonstrations and masterclasses, aiming to provide insight to both young and experienced chefs, as well as those hoping to enter the industry.

The day culminated with the announcement of the UK Young Restaurant Team of the Year winner,  which was awarded to the caterers at Westminster Kingsway College. Congratulations to the two chefs and the front-of-house professional who won the award.

HK chooses to support the Skills for Chefs conference every year as part of our ongoing commitment to the hospitality and foodservice industry. Our team is passionate about the design and development of professional kitchens which will allow chefs to express their skill and creativity.

Each and every member of our team follows a set of core values which play an integral part in our business: trust, honesty, integrity, respect, and care.

When working with chefs across the industry and the country, these values come into play to allow us to provide an unrivalled service which focuses on a chef’s individual needs.

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